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SMCA CHAIRMAN: MARK BANKS   markbanks44@onetel.com   07974669309

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About the committee

The Sidecar Motocross Association of Great Britain (SMCA) is a members association that was formed to encourage and protect the sport of Sidecarcross in Great Britain.  


The SMCA help to promote and support Sidecarcross  Great Britain at all levels in through the following methods:


- Improving communications between riders, organisers, spectators and the Press by mailshots, press releases, race reports and by participating in online forums.


- Providing a forum wherein any policy, programme or problem of interest to our Members along with club direction, may be discussed freely.


- Increasing public awareness of Sidecarcross by both advertising and promoting the sport nationally and locally.


- Organising and promoting the ACU British Clubman’s Championship.


- Promoting all other Sidecarcross championships and meeitngs held in Great Britain.


- Assisting clubs, where possible, in the running of sidecarcross events.


- Hosting an Annual Awards evening to recognise the achievements of our members both on and off the track.